Abe-El Produce Value Box


Abe-El Produce Value Box


Approximately 20lbs of fresh produce provided by Abe-El Wholesale for only $20! Now THAT is a deal!

This week's Valu box includes BLACKBERRIES  and ASPARAGUS! We are trying to "mix-up" our boxes with a little more variety and the response has been great!!! We are excited at the amount of new customers every week. It has been two years since we delivered our first Valu box. Several of you have been with us since the beginning and we are very extremely grateful!

Here is our Valu-ABE-EL produce list for this coming week. This week's Value Box includes: 

1 LB Yellow Onion

1 LB Green Bell Peppers 

2 EA Cucumbers

1 LB Asparagus

1 TRAY Grape Tomatoes

1 HD Romaine Lettuce

1 TRAY Blackberries

3 LB Navel Oranges (ABE-EL)

2 LB Tangerines (ABE-EL)

2 LB Cara Cara Oranges 

3 LB Yams

**note: pound qtys are approx.) Add-ons will be paid for at time of pick up, so please come prepared with cash, check, or credit card. 

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